Kelly Warren

Director of Professional Development

Job description snapshot:

  • Manages and oversees our True North Logic system for professional development
  • Plan, facilitate, coordinate professional development opportunities for New Teacher Orientation and Summer Institute
  • Plan, facilitate, coordinate teacher, special services, and counselor induction program
  • Plan, facilitate, coordinate principal/administrator induction program
  • Collaborate with Learning Services team to provide professional development opportunities for leadership, teachers, and classified staff aligned to strategic plan and district improvement plan

Summary of Functions:

The Director of Professional Development performs a variety of supervisory and administrative tasks in directing the staff development activities in the Pueblo City school system.  Director is responsible for assessing system-wide staff development needs, setting specific goals, developing training programs to meet specified needs, and evaluating the effectiveness of implemented programs.  Director assists individual schools and individual teachers with performing the same steps at a school or department level.  Director also assists schools and individuals with identifying existing internal and external development opportunities.