Michael Bayer

Director of School Culture, Wellness, and Safety

Job description snapshot:

  • Plan, direct, and monitor the development and implementation of security plans district-wide, for campus security activities, and specific special events within the jurisdiction of Pueblo School District 60, including the development of emergency response and crisis plans
  • Ensure the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to K-12 school safety, security, and emergency management processes
  • Provide training and assistance to site-based administrators in matters of safety, security, and wellness
  • Represent the district and the Security Department to local, state and federal enforcement and public safety agencies in matters of mutual interest
  • Lead the District Mental Health Crisis Response Team
  • Serve as a liaison with local law enforcement agencies to monitor the daily operation of the School Resource Officer (SRO) program and other law enforcement issues on the school campuses (PCS to Pueblo PD and Fire Department Health Solutions)
  • Liaison to Public Health Department
  • Supervise District Nurse program, organize and schedule District Health and Wellness screenings
  • Liaison for school based Wellness Center with Pueblo Community Health Center and Health Solutions

Summary of Functions:

The Director of School Culture, Wellness, and Safety performs supervisory and administrative tasks in developing, implementing, and managing programs designed to effectively address and promote a strong security, wellness and culture programs and school safety needs.  Employee is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive school safety program, which includes working with local law enforcement agencies to monitor and coordinate the school resource officer program.  Employee works extensively with cabinet, school administrators, and community on all areas of school safety and wellness. Work also involves implementing training programs pertaining to matters of wellness, safety, and security for site-based administrators and helps to develop and monitor the wellness and safety areas of the school improvement plans.