Andrew Burns

Executive Director of Student Support Services and Title IX Coordinator

Job description snapshot:

  • Supervises intervention programs, including but not limited to school counselors, Bullying Prevention and Education Grant, the Office of School Culture, Wellness and Safety 
  • Provides oversight and guides the work of the Office of Enrollment, Records and State Reporting to ensure compliance with legal and district policy requirements

Summary of Functions

The Executive Director of Student Support Services is responsible for directing the planning, organization, development, and monitoring of programs and projects pertaining to student services and interventions (behavioral, social-emotional, Response-to-Intervention, Advocates, Truancy Court, and 9th Grade Success Grant) to ensure compliance with state and federal student services laws.  Assist in developing, recommending, implementing, and evaluating all student support services and intervention programs.  Programs include guidance/discipline services, health services, child welfare, and attendance services, as well as student enrollment and student records, school safety, and student and staff wellness. The Executive Director also serves as the District's Title IX Coordinator.