Ted Johnson

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services

Job description snapshot:

  • Supervises a team of 4 Executive Directors Assists with the training, development, and implementation of District strategic plan and implementation
  • Responsible for and provides oversight of District Unified Improvement Plan
  • Facilitates and oversees the planning, implementing, and facilitating of District's Gifted and Talented Education Program
  • Supervises curriculum and instruction, and parent problem solving
  • Supervises and monitors K-12 literacy support team and plans
  • Leads and facilitates instructional team meetings
  • Provides oversight of the entire District Professional Development Program to ensure classes match and support the goals of the Board of Education, as well as our District Values and Beliefs

Summary of Functions:

The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services provides vision and leadership in the ongoing establishment of goals, planning, development, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff development to ensure that each student is provided with a rich and rigorous educational experience.