Michelle Alcon-Montoya

Director of Student Success and Equity


  • Provide leadership in developing comprehensive program plans and ensure the implementation and evaluation of (MTSS) systems across the District.
  • Work with District staff to identify actions the District and schools can take to support parents, families, and communities to ensure that all students are ready and able to reach their full educational potential. Provide coordination, consultation, and assistance to the executive leadership team on equity and diversity matters related to staff, students, and families.
  • Facilitate the District’s efforts to assure educational equity and academic success for all students. Supports parents and families in understanding their educational options and provide comprehensive information, resources, and support to assist them in making informed choices for their children. • Increase District staff awareness of racial and equity issues through positive coaching and training. Work collaboratively with building administrators in implementing site-based approaches to improving community access and involvement. Work collaboratively with policy-makers to add to the District’s diversity and multicultural efforts aimed at improving the climate of the workplace and learning environment.
  • Identify staff diversity training and coordinates/conducts training where appropriate.
  • Work with District staff and schools to develop systems capacity to assist parents and families challenged by language and cultural barriers that can affect communication and understanding between schools, students, and their families.


The Director of Student Success and Equity supports the Executive Director of Student Support Services in directing the planning, organization, development, and monitoring of programs and projects pertaining to student services and interventions (behavioral, social, and emotional) to ensure compliance with state and federal student services law. Programs include but are not limited to: counseling, crisis management, child welfare, social and emotional learning (SEL), and Equity training and practices across the District. This position will provide information and professional development at the District and school levels. The Director will plan, direct, coordinate, assist, and is the internal consultant to the executive leadership team, department leaders, and principals regarding equity and diversity matters concerning staff, students, and families. This position is responsible for establishing partnerships with public and private stakeholders and will assist in furthering the diversity goals of the district.