Tammy Neal

Executive Director of Human Resources and Certified Staff

Job description snapshot:

  • Direct administrative, teacher, classified, and substitute recruitment and employment processes
  • Collaborate with other Executive Directors and appropriate staff to ensure continuous improvement efforts are supported
  • Supervise, coach, and evaluate principals
  • Develop recruitment strategies and evaluate processes to establish diverse, quality applicant pools
  • Establish relationships with higher education and alternative education programs to establish a talent pipeline for Pueblo School District No. 60
  • Provide leadership and oversight for recruitment needs to ensure a hiring pool of quality certificated and classified applicants
  • Work cooperatively with department leaders to assist in staff relations with all employee groups
  • Work collaboratively with other departments to foster and develop effective talent management. This will result in the development and implementation of an action plan as a mission critical process that ensures Pueblo School District No. 60 will have the quantity and quality of well-trained staff, to meet or exceed our vision of providing a high-quality education that assures each student the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead a life of purpose and impact



The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for all aspects of District employment including classified, licensed, administrative and substitute recruitment and hiring. These responsibilities include planning, developing and implementing recruiting strategies; providing quality candidates for administrative, teacher, classified, and substitute employment; managing the District hiring process; supporting applicants, employees, and managers with their employment and human resources needs. The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of the educator effectiveness system that is aligned with Colorado Senate Bill 191 including leadership of internal and external partners and resources, and planning and facilitating new teacher and new leader induction and training as it relates to the evaluation system. The Executive Director advises, problem solves, and supports the district as it relates to certified and classified employees. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, labor relations, and licensure. This position also supports District Strategic initiatives that relate to Quality Staff and will fulfill other duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources