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Wanted: community-minded professional willing to serve a 2-year term on the District’s Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee.

This 7- to 9-member Committee serves in an advisory capacity, monitoring the expenditure of funds approved by taxpayers through the 2019 bond and then reporting the findings to the D60 Board of Education. This critical service of ensuring that the funds are being spent as directed by the bond ballot language is intended to provide a high level of accountability to the citizen taxpayers of the District.

The specific responsibilities of the CBAC are to:

  • Actively monitor the status of all Bond Program projects through information provided by district staff and provide feedback as appropriate;
  • Participate in scheduled site visits during construction;
  • Review with district staff any significant revisions to the master schedule and the scope and budget of projects;
  • Prepare and present quarterly and annual reports to the Board of Education that represent a consensus of the CBAC membership. Such reports shall review progress on completion of Bond Program projects, expenditures of bond funds, and implementation of ballot language approved by the voters.

The committee is seeking 5 to 7 volunteers willing to serve for at least a 2-year term.

The ideal committee candidate is someone with a reputation for fairness and transparency who reflects the diversity of the community members. Candidates should have professional experience in one or more of these areas: building design, construction, capital program management, construction financing, planning, budgeting, auditing, public contracting, educational delivery and facility operations.

Employees of the district, or any vendor, contractor or consultant working on a bond project, are not eligible to apply.

All applicants must express an interest in serving, as well as relevant experience. To ensure diverse representation, applicants are asked to indicate experience in the following categories: building design, budgeting, construction, auditing, capital program management, construction financing, planning, public contracting, facility operations and educational delivery.

Applicants should provide a copy of the completed application linked below, a resume, and letter of interest, to by August 13.