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Shari HouserAlthough we are grateful for the work of our educators day in and day out, during the month of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Month, we offer a salute to educators who are making an impact in our District and in turn, the world.
Shari Houser is a K-5 ESS teacher at Baca Elementary.
Said a colleague of Shari, “My two years teaching at Baca have been nothing short of amazing thanks to Shari.
She works as a teacher in the Behavior Lab with students with social and emotional disabilities. She has shown nothing but support, kindness and encouragement to every student, no matter how difficult the challenge. She uplifts every child and finds their own strengths.
“Every day, Shari comes in with a positive attitude, ready to work with her students while assisting other teachers in the building as needed. It’s not just Shari’s hard work and dedication that make her stand out: it’s her kind heart and willingness to support everyone around her.”
Leadership is central to Shari’s teaching, noted another colleague.
“She has consistently been Teacher in Charge and has the knowledge and ability to handle behaviors at all levels in a calm and cool manner. Ms. Houser participates in all school and community projects and has helped create and foster Steel City Heroes basketball league for special-needs students and adults. She also helps run Fellowship of Christian Athletes during the summer and participates in the Tim Tebow Night to Shine event.”
Thank you, Shari, for being a shining light to your scholars, school and community.