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CSU Pueblo LogoEnrolling in Colorado State University Pueblo has just become less stressful and costly, thanks to a new partnership between District 60 and the college.

Direct Admission removes the burden and cost of the college application and admission process for college-bound seniors. Students are evaluated for admission to CSU Pueblo automatically, subject to regular admission standards. All admission-eligible students receive an acceptance letter at the beginning of the senior year, along with information on scholarships the student is eligible for.

“Often times, many students do not apply to college out of concern over being denied or because of the length and cost of the application process,” said Lee Saunders, Executive Director of Admissions at CSUP. “Direct Admission quells the fears, removes the cost and burden, and puts the power of higher
earning potential via a college degree right in students’ hands.”

States that have implemented Direct Admission initiatives have seen 8 to 15 percent jumps in first-year college enrollment.

“Students from underserved populations, students in online programs -- truly any student -- can benefit from the boost of confidence, sense of belonging and achievement, and opening of doors to a
brighter future that a letter of guaranteed admission to CSUP provides,” said Executive Director of Admissions Saunders.

This is a no-cost initiative and if students choose not to attend CSUP, no action is required. This program will not affect the admission process for any other colleges and institutions.