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Bradford's Principal celbrates good news with a smile and clapping handsThe Colorado Department of Education recently released preliminary District and School Performance Frameworks based on assessment results and growth data.
This initial data reveals that 11 schools occupy the top-tier Performance Framework: Fountain, Goodnight, Corwin, Haaff, Franklin, Irving, Bradford, South Park, Sunset Park, Minnequa and Morton.
Every year since 2016, Corwin, Fountain, Goodnight and Sunset Park have maintained that Performance rating: an achievement that continued again in 2023.
Notably, five schools – Bessemer Academy, Central, Heritage, Franklin and Irving – are now off the State Accountability Clock.
In all, 12 schools are rated as Improvement, the second-highest tier in the system, with 17 schools remaining stable in their plan assignments or moving up a tier.
Four schools increased their plan assignment, with Bradford and Morton moving up to Performance from Improvement.
After a year of Insufficient State Data Rating, five schools this year received a rating. The schools who maintained or received an Improvement rating after a year of "no rating" are Baca, Bessemer Academy, Central, Columbian, D60 Online, South, and Chavez-Huerta.
Also maintaining a Performance rating were Franklin, Haaff, Irving, Minnequa and South Park.
Although Pueblo Academy of Arts and Roncalli remain on the Accountability Clock, both schools moved up one level, from Turnaround to Priority Improvement.
At the Administration Building, school principals and leaders were presented the Framework information by Assessment Data Specialist Tiffany Dehn, who encouraged those in attendance to celebrate the progress the District continues to make.
"It's important for us as a District and the community as a whole to celebrate the accomplishments noted in this Frameworks report," said Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso. "We applaud those schools who continue to maintain Performance and Improvement ratings as well as those who have advanced.
"The work of our educators and leaders never stops, and we are confident that with continued and directed effort, we will see this upward trajectory continue in the years to come."