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MICHELLE BUTTRAMMichelle earned the Kane Family Foundation Scholarship ($50,000) which she will use to attend Colorado State University Pueblo to major in Business Administration with a minor in Leadership Studies.
“There have been so many amazing teachers at Centennial that have made an impact on me forever,” Michelle said. “Mr. Ah Yo, Mrs. Armendariz, Mrs. Fadenrecht, Mr. Petrick and Ms. Van Hee are the teachers that have made the biggest impact. They are all amazing with students and you can tell they truly care. They have all guided me in one way or another and I am so thankful.”
At Centennial, Michelle’s favorite class was AP Psychology.
“Although it was challenging for me, the class was full of amazing people and I always looked forward it,” she said.
“My favorite club was Bulldog TV. We were able to have so many amazing experiences, including going to the Broadmoor, and it was a great way for me to meet people, learn about broadcasting, and hang out with my amazing friends.”
As for a career, Michelle is still deciding.
“Whatever I do, my goal is to be happy doing it. I also want to be financially stable enough to buy a house and be able to travel,” she said.
For those still on the high-school pathway, Michelle encourages involvement.
“Be involved! It sounds so cliche, but your time really does go by so fast and it is so important to enjoy your time being young while you can. Go to all the football and soccer games at Dutch. Go to all of the school dances, play sports, join clubs, etc. And another important thing is to have fun while you're doing it. Assemblies are so much fun when you participate, and the same with cheering loud at games.
“Ignore what other people think and just enjoy these things while you can. You might not want to do all this in the moment, but you will realize the best memories come out of the little moments like football games and clubs, and you don't want to leave high school with regrets.”