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Geri Lane shows Renee Hahn tips to making holiday cardsIn a life filled with challenges, Arianne Lane found purpose, and solace, in card-making.
The daughter of longtime District educators and administrators Geri and Matt Lane, Arianne was diagnosed with cancer at age 4 and given a 0 to 5 percent chance of survival.
Those odds, however, never took into account her fighting spirit, unwavering faith and passionate love of family.
Arianne’s inspirational but difficult medical odyssey – which included twice battling the same form of nearly always fatal cancer -- came to be documented by People magazine and Dateline NBC, and caught the attention of musical giants Alabama and Garth Brooks, and the Colorado Rockies.
Living at home with her parents and later, younger brother Rick, Arianne – then a senior at South High School – started a custom greeting card business in the basement of the family home. This endeavor she christened Cards for Life.
This venture gave Arianne a sense of confidence, purpose and extra funds, which she used to grow her business. Arianne’s cards came to have a presence in local shops and online at Etsy, and she took great pride in proclaiming, “I own my own business.”
When Arianne passed away at the age of 29, her love of card-crafting inspired her brother Rick, a Hurliman Scholar from Centennial now pursuing law-related studies at the University of Denver, to launch a scholarship in Arianne’s honor, using Cards for Life as a funding source.
The first $1,000 Arianne Creative Arts Scholarship: Because Every Moment Counts was awarded in 2020.
Using Arianne’s designs, Rick called in friends and family to craft more cards, to be sold as part of the scholarship funding drive.
Just in time for the holidays, unused card-making kits designed by Arianne found their way into the District Administration Building as part of a holiday card-making workshop hosted by her mother Geri.
Under Geri’s direction, 30 District staffers created 12 holiday cards with a gift bag.
For those who want to honor the memory of this special young woman while assisting the scholarship fund set up in her name, Geri extends an invitation to take part in Keeping the Door to Arianne’s Life Open, a card-making ceremony to take place from 1 to 7 p.m. December 1 at the George Williams Pavilion at City Park.
“It’s important to us that Arianne gets talked about every day,” Geri said. “That the door to her life is kept open. So on the first Thursday of December we go to the George Williams Pavilion and lay out kits. People come make the cards and we sell them at craft shows to support the scholarship.
“People can show up and make one card or 10 cards if they like.”
For those looking to purchase the cards, the 4H Parent/Leader Group Bells of Christmas Craft Show, to be held in the Creative Arts Building on the Colorado State Fairgrounds December 3 and 4, is the place to be.