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Rosa Saenz-Aragon smiles as she reads her book titled Parchita to students at BacaRosa Saenz-Aragon, whose long career in education included service as principal of Eva Baca Elementary, returned to the Home of Roadrunners to celebrate the next chapter in her life: children’s book author.
Written in 2006 and recently published, “Parchita” is a bilingual story of a young girl who is made fun of because her pants are too short. The story is based on Mrs. Saenz-Aragon’s childhood in Pueblo and fulfills a long-held dream of writing a book and seeing it published.
“When I was young, my mom and dad did their best to provide for our family,” Mrs. Saenz-Aragon explained.
“Money was scarce. Neighbors and our church would sometimes give us clothing. I remember finding a pair of pants in one of the boxes which fit me perfectly. However, I grew taller and my pants unfortunately didn't.
“My mom would either sew patches to cover up holes from overuse and she would also sew fabric to the bottom of each pant leg to make them longer. The word for patches in Spanish is 'parches,' so ‘Parchita’ is a term of endearment.”
After reading her book to a group of Roadrunners, Mrs. Saenz-Aragon fielded questions from the curious scholars, who learned that two more books are in the works.A couple of students smile for the camera at Baca
  • Q: “Are you famous?,” a young boy asked.
  • A: “No, I’m not famous.”
  • Q: “How does it feel to have something you invented on Amazon?”
  • A: “It makes me very proud.”
  • Q: “Does your husband write books?”
  • A: “No, he just buys them and reads them.”
  • Q: “What inspired you to write the book?”
  • A: “When I was growing up, Spanish was my very first language. And I wanted to be able to read, but it was kind of difficult. So I wrote this book and put Spanish words in there so that it would inspire bilingual students. And as the story shows, when you get made fun of, you don’t always have to get mad about things. It’s more important to look for a solution, rather than resort to violence or bad words. It was resolved in a positive way.”
The visit allowed Mrs. Saenz-Aragon, who now lives in Colorado Springs, to reconnect with longtime friend and colleague Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso.
“Parchita” is available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble
Mrs. Saenz-Aragon’s visit was part of Baca’s Fall Festival, which included the In-and-Out mobile unit, carnival type games hosted by student leaders from East, and visits with first responders and law enforcement.