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D60 LogoOn Monday, the D60 Board of Education interviewed five candidates seeking to fill the vacated seat of Dr. Matthew Cranswick.
Each candidate was asked the same series of questions by members of the Board and given an opportunity to express why board service is being sought.
Co-owner, designer of Thrifty Gents Floral and Events. Former educator at East High School and Heaton Middle School.
“I have had the privilege of being born into a family that takes a lot of pride in being educators and valuing the work that needs to go into education for the youth of Pueblo. Being on the Board would be a way to give back to the community without being in the classroom.
“I bring a strong varied and strong educational background that allows a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of the community, and I am involved in many different organizations that help inform decisions that will positively impact our community.”
Sales, Calvin Turner Roofing. Former insurance special and property claims representative. Served on the D60 Board of Education from 2003 to 2011.
“District 60 did a great job in educating my 5 children. I now have 3 grandchildren in D60 and want to do my part in ensuring their educational attractive programs that are pertinent to life skills and job/career training, and to have staff that enjoy teaching and are able to teach in adequate classrooms.”
Civilian criminal investigator, adjunct professor at Colorado State University Pueblo. Former New York City police officer.
“I firmly believe that Pueblo can and should be a leader in education, a beacon of light to others. I envision families desiring to move to Pueblo because of the fantastic schools. I would like to see D60 take on the framework of students being in levels, based on academic ability, instead of grades, which are traditionally based on age. There are children who might be excelling in reading, but struggling in math, and yet we keep them in the same grade level because of age.
“Working together as a united team, is the only way Pueblo being a beacon city can be accomplished. I have worked in a variety of capacities throughout my life and have brought groups that did not want to work together into unity. I have the ability to see things from multiple viewpoints and perspectives, and this helps me to be able to enhance positive working relationships.”
Retired District Court Chief Judge. Served on the D60 Board from 2018 to 2022.
“The attributes I will bring to the board include having recently completed a 4-year term, serving at various times with Directors Clementi, Farrell and Dr. Wright. My knowledge of board policies, procedures and Colorado school law will provide for a seamless transition.
“My vision is to continue to ensure the District 60 Strategic Plan, which was adopted during my tenure on the board, continues to be a living document which drives our daily work as a board, administration, staff and community. The vision adopted in the Strategic Plan is to ‘become a high-performing school district that inspires community confidence.’ I will strive to embody that same vision if selected.
“I believe the most important factors in working in a team environment are communication, trust, respect and organization.”
“I have developed an interest in educational needs as well as a focus on the specific goals and needs of the schools in our community. I previously served as general legal counsel for School District No. 70, and represented several charter schools. The experience gained has provided me familiarity with school funding procedures, truancy matters, and appearing before the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Charter School Institute board of directors, the Colorado Commissioner of Education and the State Board of Education.
“My profession had caused me to have personal familiarity with a number of individuals active in state and local governmental bodies as well as numerous business entities; it is my belief that this can serve to foster communication and working relationships with other community stakeholders whose interest may affect or overlap those of education.”
The applications and resumes of each candidate are available for viewing through this link,
The Board is expected to address filling the vacated board seat during the September 27 regular meeting.