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Central and Centennial Mascots share a hug following the Bell GamThe annual Bell Game is about the on-field rivalry, to be sure, but the social and communal element that characterizes this historic pairing is one of its most anticipated offerings
Although the Central and Centennial communities offer undying support to the Wildcats and Bulldogs, respectively, at the end of the day, and game, the Bell Game is about Pueblo as a community and the ability of citizens to gather together to share in the pageantry and tradition of a football game in its 121st year.
It’s the face and personalities, on both sides of the stands, that truly define the Bell Game. From infants to spry senior citizens, everyone, it seems, comes out to Dutch Clark Stadium for this much anticipated pairing.
It’s a social celebration like no other in Pueblo, and one District 60 is elated to be able to put together and host.
“Overall, it was a very positive night and I was very pleased with the event,” said D60 Athletic Director Aaron Bravo. “It was great to see the stands full, the way it used to be years ago, and I’m glad to see we are getting back to that.
“Pueblo certainly came out to support its teams, especially Central, where we had a complete sell out. Roughly, I estimate attendance was between 10,000 to 12,000.”
As the District is promoting its new mobile app, which brings all the information and power of the D60 Website and social media accounts conveniently to your phone, the Bell Game was an ideal time to let our families and supporters know about this amazing tool.
The mobile app is available for download from both the Apple and Google Play stores by searching for Pueblo D60 or Pueblo School District 60.
For the victors, the celebration continued in front of the Orman Avenue campus, where Wildcats and their supporters reveled in the win with a post-game celebration and rally.
To their credit, the Centennial Bulldogs never stopped fighting on the field, and mounted what looked to be a scoring drive in the game’s final seconds, only to see it halted by the expiration of the game clock.