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 Video cover art of construction site at East or Centennial


Despite a series of torrential summer downpours, construction of the new East and Centennial high schools remains on time and on schedule.

So noted Louis Nazario, Project Development Manager for H.W. Houston Construction, which along with G.E. Johnson is serving as general contractor for the dual projects.

As the schedule was designed, East will be finished a bit before Centennial, as additional soil treatment work was required on the Centennial site. With the new East set to be complete by November 2022, the new home of the Bulldogs will follow in January 2023.

Once the buildings are ready for occupancy, students will be transitioned from the current buildings, which will then be demolished during the summer months of 2023. The playing fields will subsequently be put into the campus. 

“At Centennial, about 45 percent of the foundation is in,” Mr. Nazario explained. “There’s been a lot of masonry work completed, and the underground electrical and plumbing has been started.” 

At East, about 85 percent of the foundation is in place, with all underground plumbing complete and 60 percent of the underground electrical work finished.

“There were a few delays due to the summer rain, but we overcame that by re-sequencing the flow of the work,” Mr. Nazario explained.

Both construction sites, Mr. Nazario said, are staffed by “very strong teams, and I’m very pleased with the work on both sites. The teams are making sure to communicate with each other, so if there is a problem at one of the schools, that information is relayed to the other.”

Mr. Nazario also said he likewise is pleased with the work of the projects’ subcontractors, the majority of which are Pueblo-based.

Interest from neighboring residents on the progress of the projects remains high. To keep the community abreast of the work, informational flyers have been placed into real estate boxes at both sites.

“People who come by the site are curious about when the work will be done,” Mr. Nazario said. “And of course, students want to take a look at what will be their new school.”

The excitement being generated from the construction for two new high schools is tangible, as is the pride being felt by the crews doing the work.

“Most of our company are District 60 graduates,” Mr. Nazario said. “And we all couldn’t be prouder of Pueblo. We are so happy we were able to pass the bond together and especially very happy about the way District 60 is managing the bond. 

“To be able to get a new K-8 school out of this is amazing, and I know there’s more to come. I just can’t say enough for the way the District is going about this exciting work.”

Bob Lawson, Executive Director of Construction and Facilities Management, said that the construction design for the new K-8 school to be built on the site of the former Heroes K-8 Academy is 50 percent complete, with town hall meetings on the project slated to begin in the fall.

Also halfway complete is the construction design work for the new buildings that will replace Sunset Park Elementary and Franklin School of Innovation. Community input will be gathered through upcoming town hall meetings.

Across the District, bond-funded work continues.


  • Interior doors replaced
  • Replacement of Rain Water Drainage System (gym) complete
  • Replacement of Sanitary Waste System 90% complete
  • Replacement of Rain Water Drainage System 50% complete
  • Replacement of Partial Roof 50% complete
  • Replacement of Electrical Distribution System 20% complete
  • Replacement of Wiring 20% complete


  • Main Interior Doors replaced
  • Replacement of HVAC Distribution System (Air Conditioning) 25 percent complete
  • Site Water Supply System to be replaced
  • Domestic Water Distribution System (Main) to be replaced


  • Site Lighting and Interior Doors replaced
  • Electrical Distribution System replaced
  • To be replaced are Sanitary Waste System and Rain Water Drainage System


  • Engineering Study for Foundation Slab completed
  • Interior Doors replaced
  • Site Storm Water Sewer System, Domestic Water Distribution System and HVAC Distribution System to be replaced


  • Interior Doors replaced
  • Site Sanitary Sewer, Site Lighting, Lighting and Wiring, Terminal and Package unites to be replaced


  • Interior Doors replaced
  • Site Sanitary Sewer, Site Storm Water Sewer System, Domestic Water Distribution System to be replaced
  • Site Electrical Distribution replacement 75 percent complete
  • Terminal and Package Units 50 percent complete
  • Electrical Distribution System replacement 50 percent complete


  • Interior Doors replaced
  • Controls and Instrumentation complete
  • Site Sanitary Sewer, Site Storm Water Sewer System, Domestic Water Distribution System to be replaced
  • Replacement of Roof System 60 percent complete


  • Interior and Exterior Doors replaced
  • Resurfacing of Site Areas and Walkways complete
  • Electrical Distribution System complete
  • Fencing/Enclosures complete
  • Site Natural Gas Supply System, Domestic Water Distribution System, Rain Water Drainage System to be replaced
  • Partial Roof Replacement 25 percent complete


  • Interior and Exterior Doors replaced
  • Domestic Water Distribution System to be replaced
  • HVAC RTU and Other Equipment to be replaced
  • Electrical Distribution System to be replaced