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Pinksocks Founder to Visit Belmont Elementary Bearing Gifts

Nick Adkins, Founder of Pinksocks, giving a TED Talk

With an affinity for bright, conversation-generating socks, onetime health care professional Nick Adkins designed a movement, appropriately centered around bright pink socks, that would empower people from all walks of life to connect with anyone, anywhere.

That movement, Pinksocks Life, Inc., is now a global nonprofit organization focused on promoting human connection with an emphasis on empathy, love and compassion.

The empathy-centric movement came to the attention of Belmont Elementary School Counselor Carrie Carpenter when she happened across a story about Zelene Blancas, a pinksocks-loving El Paso first-grade teacher who fell victim to COVID-19.

Touched by Ms. Blancas’ story, and moved by the fact that Mr. Adkins gifted her entire school with his signature creation, Ms. Carpenter reached out to him.

“I told him it would be great for our kids in Pueblo to be recognized and noticed too,” she said. “Because our kids in Pueblo are important.”

Mr. Adkins agreed, and it wasn’t long before a shipment of the eye-catching apparel found their way onto the feet of Belmont fifth graders. These young Rattlers, in turn, raised funds so that more of their schoolmates – as well as Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar – could join in on the colorful fun. Nick Adkins' Pinksocks Van

Now, the man himself is coming to Belmont Elementary School. 

On Thursday, May 13, Nick Atkins will be delivering pinksocks to the entire Rattler community from his signature pinksocks van.

The day will begin with an 8 a.m. virtual greeting to the entire student body. Then, with students arriving at the school’s outdoor delivery loop by cohort, Mr. Atkins will hand out the socks there. 

The Rattlers will be treated to pink treats as part of this joyful celebration, with appropriately decorated vehicles to be on hand outside the school.

On his Twitter account, Mr. Atkins frequently posts about the excitement he feels in anticipation of visiting Pueblo and Belmont Elementary.

We invite you to cover this exciting and important event, which demonstrates the large reward that can result when a few big-hearted students and educators open their hearts to the greater good of all.