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A large group of D60 students in caps and gowns hold up their diplomasMore District 60 scholars are receiving their diplomas and less are dropping out of school, according to statistics recently released by the Colorado Department of Education.

In 2023, the state’s four-year graduation rate improved to 83.1 percent, a slight increase from the previous year. The state’s overall dropout rate declined to 2.1 percent from 2.2 percent in 2021-22 – which had been the highest rate in five years.

Mirroring the state’s upward trend, the District saw its four-year graduation rate increase nearly three points, from 76.6 percent to 79.8 percent. This coincides with a slight decrease in the dropout rate, which currently stands at 2.8 percent.

“Colorado's modest graduation rate increase is the product of the hard work by educators, families and students over the years,” said Susana Cordova, Colorado’s education commissioner. "Successfully graduating from high school is a significant milestone that opens doors to numerous opportunities for students after high school. Given the challenges that our students and educators have faced over the last four years, I am glad that in Colorado we continue to see an improved graduation rate and a decreasing dropout rate. It shows students know the value of staying in school and receiving a quality education."

Across the board, all of the District’s high schools saw a decrease in the number of students dropping out, with the dropout figures either at or below the state average. Individually, Centennial displayed the most significant decrease in drop-out rate.

East saw its four-year on-time graduation rate increase, as did Dutch Clark Digital at Paragon and South. Centennial and Central saw slight downticks.

“With the understanding that our efforts must continue, we are very pleased that more of our scholars are remaining in the classroom and graduating,” said Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso. “This is a tribute to the entire District team, from the Leadership Team to support personnel, who every day put the needs of our scholars at the forefront.

“We also commend our scholars, who realize the importance of staying in the classroom in order to earn a diploma, which contributes to a positive trajectory toward a life of purpose and impact.”