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Lindley McCrary (Littleton Public Schools) and Barb Clementi (Pueblo D60) pose for a picture in front of a Christmas tree The Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) is dedicated to advancing excellence in public education through effective leadership by locally elected boards of education.
In this role, CASB offers policy leadership and support, offers legal information, advocates and lobbies, and supports boards throughout the state.
For the past year, Barb Clementi – who recently finished two terms on the D60 Board of Education – served as president of the CASB board of directors (Region 6.)
On Thursday, on the occasion of CASB’s annual state conference at The Broadmoor, Ms. Clementi was lauded by CASB colleagues and by president-elect Lindley McCrary (Littleton Public Schools) and immediate past president Dr. Richard Martyr, who praised Ms. Clementi for her drive, leadership and passion for education.
“It’s been a remarkable year with an amazing bunch of people: one of the best groups of people I’ve worked with for a long, long time,” Ms. Clementi said. “As for accomplishments, there are many: through and with the Bylaws Task Force, we completely revised the CASB bylaws, which hadn’t been done in 20 years. We’ve also revised our policies.
“Additionally, we hired and on-boarded a new executive director, and he’s hit the ground running. We’ve become more active on a legislative advocacy scene. And I know that Lindley will take the ball where it is and move it down the field, and the new board, working with her, will further the work we have begun.”