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Students from D60's four traditional high school hold awards from the Pueblo MasonsThe annual Achievement Awards Program sponsored by the Pueblo Masonic Public Schools Committee saw high-achieving juniors, along with their parents and school principals, recognized for outstanding academic and civic achievement.

The scholars from Centennial, South, East and Central joined colleagues from West, County and Rye in being honored.

There ceremony was held Sunday evening in the Masonic Center, on Broadway. Randy Thurston delivered the keynote address, centered on the theme "The Highest Level of Achievement."

Pueblo East "Eagle Empire"

Ysabelle Rosales (Ms. Marlena Brown)

Devin Klock (Mrs. Sabrina Mares, Kevin Klock)

Pueblo Central High

Genaro Pino (Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pino)

Lillith Shook (Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shook)

Centennial High School

Quincy Nakaguma (Spencer Nakaguma)

Jack Hilwig (Mrs. Stephanie Hilwig and Mr. Jason Bachlet)

Pueblo South High School

Evan King (Ms. Maya Galeas)

Jayden Saint (Ms. Trish Saint)