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A large group of students performing on stage for Band Geeks the MusicalThe performing arts programs at South and Centennial combined creative forces to stage three performances of the thoroughly enjoyable “Band Geeks: A New Musical.”
From South, Becca Klock (director/assistant choreographer/assistant music director) and Tyler West (director/stage manager) were joined by Centennial’s Leigh Cortese (music director/set and light design/director of tech) and Jerica Khosla (assistant stage manager) to stage a wonderful production that combined live orchestral and vocal music with sharp choreography and stellar acting.
With a cache of nearly 20 catchy songs serving as the foundation, “Band Geeks” follows a 90s’ era high school marching band of outcasts as they navigate challenges small and large en route to a prestigious showcase.
The ensemble cast was led by Felicity Pacheco as the ambitious tuba-loving Elliott, determined to keep the Beaver band afloat at all costs, and J.J. Lopez as the footballer reluctantly turned percussionist.
As a sweet-natured flautist, Taylor Filler revealed herself to be a vocalist of note.
As the neurotic school Principal Ms. Dixon, Sofia Kamal was on point, as was Maggie Perko, who filled the role of Joyce, the Principal’s bubbly assistant. In the role of Stewart, Ms. Dixon’s long-suffering son, Gavin Brandt turned in a laudable performance.
Portraying worrisome educator Mr. Hornsby, Austin Chase was a key figure in the plot, with Vash Siffring and Lily Miller -- as competitive trumpet players -- twirler girl Millie Gibson and Autumn Gomez adding much to the presentation.
 Two students wearing marching band uniforms perform in Band GeeksRounding out this fine ensemble cast were Tiona Martinez, Alyssa Durning, Espy Martinez, Allie Garner, Isa Quintana, Becky Hall, Jenny Navarro, Phoebe Black, Karlie Perkins and Ky Burton.
The Chorus Band members included Juan Maestas, Sky Almarez, Kai Wright, Areyah Almarez, Kirsten Stringer, Kaylee Medina and McKaleah Escalara.
As directed by Centennial educator Aubrey Krengel, the Orchestra added loads of flavor to the on-stage presentation. The members include Kyla Zamora (flute), Paige Flores (flute/piccolo), Amber Chase (clarinet/alto saxophone), Taylor Hollingsworth (trombone), Matteo Valdez (percussion), Annalise Minjarez (trumpet), Skye Watkins (trombone/trumpet), Timothy Aguilar (bass), Aaron Martinez (drum set) and Kirsten Kleven (piano.)
The stage crew was made up of Sasha Garcia, Robert Simmons, Madi Elson, Maya Madrid, Rico Zupancic and Sophia Johnson.
Miranda Sandoval served as choreographer, with Robert Simmons operating the spotlight and Wayne DeHerrera and Chad Figgins handling the sound.