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East's FCCLA students at the National ConferenceUnder the direction of Janae Passalaqua, the East FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) program once again enjoyed notable success on the national stage.

Members of the East FCCLA chapter, and Mikey Soto III of the Central FCCLA chapter, traveled to Seattle to compete at the national FCCLA conference, joining colleagues from across the country.

The following competed and earned recognition:

• Atiana Perez and Ysabelle Rosales earned a gold in Event Management

• Jennifer Hernandez and Yasmin Venzor received a silver rating in Food Innovations

• Ariana Leon Mendoza and Lizbeth Serna received a silver rating in Chapter in Review

• Natalie Shouse and Mary Tafoya received a silver rating in Chapter Service Display

• Landon Martinez and Dylan Moran received a silver rating in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

• Cooper Johnson and Everett Martinez received a silver rating in Public Policy Advocate

• Abrianna Cortez and Jaidyn Harmonson received a silver rating in Professional Presentation

• Gabriel Allen and Dominic Benavidez earned a bronze in Sports and Nutrition

• Wildcat Mikey Soto III earned a silver in Culinary Arts

Additionally, Grace Windon presented a project on seatbelt safety in the FCCLA showcase, with attendees sitting in on a variety of "Red Talks" on diverse topics and visiting an expo featuring career and college information, and food-related topics.

The D60 representatives used the opportunity to explore Seattle, visiting the Space Needle, the original Starbucks location, and Pike Place Market, and attending a Major League Baseball game, where they were featured on the big screen.

The East FCCLA chapter and Mikey Soto III recognized the career of Central FCCLA teacher Nancy Cornell, who has retired after this, her final national FCCLA event.