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D60's Document Services Center stands behind boxes of paper in the print shopTucked away in the basement of the District Administration Building, far away from the visiting public, sits the D60 Document Services Center.
Although operating “behind the scenes,” the Center’s role is invaluable, as Supervisor Mary Bocchietti and her staff are responsible for every piece of printed material utilized by educators, administrators, and support staff throughout the District.
On any given day, the Center may be asked to produce:
Packets, coil-bound books, student planners/handbooks, soft-bound yearbooks, color copies, notepads, calendars, NCR forms, prom invitations, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, tickets, graphic design, sports booklets, diplomas, posters/vinyl banners, mail-merge and USPS bulk mail preparation, and PTO/club fundraising products.
Perpetually busy, the hard-working staff recently hit a milestone in production.
From August 1 through this week, the staff completed more than 6,540 individual jobs, resulting in an amazing 3 million impressions (copies).
This year, Supervisor Bocchietti said, has been one of the busiest in recent memory. Traditionally, the Center has made good on requests in 1 to 2 business days. But due to the sheer volume of work, staff now works to have jobs completed within 4 days of a submitted order.
In addition to Supervisor Bocchietti, who has 25 years with the District, the Center’s staff includes Renee Hahn (29 years), Jim Santos (10 years), Wendy Mullen (7 years), Brian Dunbar (5 years) and Arthur Vasquez.
The District would like to thank the hard-working staff of Document Services Center, whose behind-the-scenes efforts play a critical role in the way the District does business.