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ELIAZAR MALDONADOKane Foundation Scholarship (Kane Scholarship covers tuition, fees, and book expenses in pursuit of a bachelor's degree.)
“The teacher that has made the biggest impact on my life was Miss Happy,” Eliazar said. “Not only is she my mother, but she has always been a light in our school and taught me to always be myself no matter what.”
At East, Eliazar enjoyed his weightlifting class, “as it taught me to be more goal oriented in my health; along with Swimming and Unified Bowling that allowed me to do something I love along with making new friends from other schools and different walks of life.”
At CSU Pueblo, Eliazar will study Physical or Occupational Therapy.
“I aspire to be a Physical or Occupational Therapist so I can help those around me who can’t move the way they used to.”
Those still in high school should remember to “live in the moment and appreciate who is around you, because once it’s over you’ll miss what you took for granted.”
With his days as an Eagle behind, him, Eliazar is optimistic about the future.
“I’m excited to see what the next chapter of my life will bring me and my family, as I grow further in adulthood,” he said.