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Eliazar MaldonadoIn order to earn an International Baccalaureate diploma, scholars at East High School engage in a rigorous course of study over a two-year period.
As juniors, candidates take three IB courses at the Higher Level and three IB courses at the Standard Level.
At East, an IB as well as AVID institution, these courses include Higher Level studies in Language and Literature, History, Science, and Language Acquisition; Standard Level Mathematics; and an IB elective.
Outside of their normal coursework, candidates also complete core requirements: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and the Creativity/Activity/Service program.
Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary course designed to provide coherence among the subject groups by exploring questions about knowledge and the process of knowing.
Creativity/Activity/Service provides scholars with the chance to participate in a range of experiences alongside their academic studies, including physical activity and community involvement.
The Extended Essay is a 4,000-word essay that offers the opportunity to investigate and analyze a research question of individual interest either through one of six subjects or through an interdisciplinary approach.
As the culmination of the program, candidates must take exams in six courses, with each course coming with 2 to 3 exams and 1 to 2 Internal Assessments. With scores given from 1 to 7, the goal is an average score of 4 on each exam and a total of 24 points from all assessments, as well as a minimum of 12 points on Higher Level exams and 9 points on Standard Level exams.
This year, the following Eagles completed the requirements necessary to earn the IB Diploma:
  • Isaiah Allen will be attending Colorado State University
  • Alana Duran will be attending Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on $268,000 worth of scholarship funds.
  • Gabriel Garcia will be attending the University of Southern California.
  • Eliazar Maldonado will be attending Colorado State University Pueblo. He was awarded scholarships from the Kane Family Foundation and the Jacqueline Hirsch Scholarship Fund, along with the Presidential Merit Scholarship.
  • Mackenzie Mills will be attending the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Jose Ortega will be attending Colorado State University Pueblo.
  • Haley Valdez will be attending the University of Northern Colorado.