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Group photo of student artists and the Board of EducationUnder the guidance of art educator April Vickey, a host of Centennial artists saw their work honored through the 2023 Colorado Kids Create Contest sponsored by Colorado Kids Create, Inc.
Each year, the organization publishes children’s books about Colorado and The West illustrated by Colorado students, which proceeds used to purchase art supplies for teachers.
This year, 13 District 60 students were chosen as contest winners and are now published artists.
“The students are under the instruction of Mrs. April Vickey, who continues to promote and encourage these students to extend their thinking and take risks by putting their art out there in a public way,” said District 60 Fine Arts Specialist Cindy Smith.
This year’s published artists are:
  • Desiree Martinez with a 1st place overall entry, 10th grade
  • Elizabeth Herzog with a 2nd place overall entry, 12th grade
  • Amber Yoakum with a 4th place overall entry, 11th grade
  • Delilah Belarde, 12th grade
  • Elle Benedetto, 10th grade
  • Julianna Cardona, 12th grade
  • Kalie Champlain, 10th grade
  • Anna Garnett, 10th grade
  • Pedro Hernandez Barajas, 9th grade
  • Anelise Medina, 11th grade
  • Nicole Solano, 12th grade
  • Valerie Tackett, 10th grade
  • Elorah Valdez, 9th grade