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D60 IconDue to a significant issue with the school’s heating and air conditioning system, the D60 Board of Education on Thursday voted 3-2 that Roncalli STEM Academy be closed at the end of the current school year. 

The dissenting votes were cast by Vice President Kathy DeNiro and board member Brian Cisneros.

Prior to making the decision, board members heard a comprehensive report on the closure consideration. That report contained the District’s intended actions moving forward, including reassignment of Roncalli students to existing middle schools in a manner that supports their academic success and social-emotional wellness; welcoming activities at schools that will be receiving Roncalli students; the support of Roncalli staff in identifying and obtaining employment at other schools in the district; and transportation opportunities.

Of note, most of the STEM offerings at Roncalli will be transferred to Pueblo Academy of Arts. Additionally, the board learned that existing middle schools have enough seat space, and staff, to accommodate the influx of the nearly 250 Roncalli students.

The assignment of Roncalli students to existing middle schools will be determined by 

new middle school boundaries, approved by the board on Thursday. Roncalli families, however, have the option of participating in the School Choice process by submitting an online application, via the D60 website, indicating the preferred school(s). 

Although placement cannot be guaranteed, as the situation involves a school closure, current Roncalli students will be given priority in the process.

Students with an IEP currently housed at Roncalli will be relocated to other schools within the district based on the individual needs of the student and their current address, as determined by the student’s IEP team that includes parents and staff. Case managers will be contacting families to schedule meetings as soon as possible. 

“Our goal is to work directly with our families to ensure a smooth transition to their new school,” said Andy Burns, Executive Director of Student Support Services and Title IX Coordinator. “In the coming weeks, officials from schools receiving students from Roncalli will be getting in contact with our families, as well as hosting activities to help students and families learn about the school and assist with the transition. Please know that we are here for you and will be happy to assist in any way possible.”