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District Adds Distance Learning Technician to Assist Remote Learners

One of the lessons imparted by the pandemic is the importance of technology and the proper use of it in the education process. Sarah Rounsborg

In order to get the most out of remote learning, families first must be knowledgeable about the programs and applications through which instruction is delivered.

In an effort to alleviate any frustration that might accompany remote learning, and to make the process more seamless and less problematic for families, Pueblo School District 60 now has in place a Distance Learning Technician.

In this grant-funded position, Sarah Rounsborg – whose district resume includes time as a substitute teacher and in-school suspension coordinator at Roncalli STEM Academy – will serve as a liaison between parents, and if needed, students learning from home.

“It’s my goal to support parents who are helping to support their children engaged in online learning,” Ms. Rounsborg said. “We want to meet the needs of families before it gets to the point of them needing to call IT.”

Although Ms. Rounsborg will be able to help troubleshoot basic IT-related issues such as connectivity, her focus will be on the platforms, such as Google Classroom and Google Meet, that serve as the foundation for online learning.

“If you’re not able to log into an app, or it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to be doing and as a result, your student is not able to get into a class, parents can call me,” she explained. 

With technology and education-related software now an indelible part of the learning process, Ms. Rounsborg sees her new role as a critical one.

“If kids can’t get into the system, they can’t learn,” she explained. “And I think that’s one of the reasons our community advocates are dealing with so many absences. It’s connectivity issues, or parents not knowing how to help. Now, they have a contact to call, rather than going to the school in order to figure it out.”

The mother of a D60 student, Ms. Rounsborg said she is excited to have the opportunity to contribute to learning.

“Education is my heart,” she said. “So what I’ll be doing is providing that route to students who need it, helping to fill that gap for them so that they can succeed.”

Ms. Rounsborg said she is available to assist parents as well as students.

“From what I’ve heard, most of the issues revolve around parents not being able to navigate through the apps in order to help their student get the work done,” she said. “Many times, they just don’t know what they’re looking at, because before the pandemic, they haven’t had to deal with technology in this manner.

“I feel that I have the communication skills to work with each individual who needs assistance, talk through exactly what’s going on, and troubleshoot whatever the issue may be.”

Ms. Rounsborg may be contacted at 719-549-7163.