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Pueblo District 60 has received a five-year $15 million federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant to create greater diversity across our District by introducing high-quality STREAM programming (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) at several of our schools.

Administered through the United States Department of Education in correspondence to the 70th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Decision of Brown vs. Board of Education, the grant is part of the Biden Administration’s campaign to increase school diversity and advance the goal that all students, regardless of race, background, or circumstances, have access to a world-class education. 

Acknowledging the unprecedented nature of the grant, Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso said that while District 60 has always worked diligently to establish equity in the classrooms, this endowment will significantly enhance efforts in that regard.

“We are pleased that we will be able to advance integration and equity through the establishment of three new Magnet Schools,” Superintendent Macaluso said. “This substantial grant will allow us to offer specialized instruction and innovative academic offerings.”

Over the five-year grant span, the District will implement the Magnet Program, entitled “Project Heroes,” at Park View Elementary and Risley International Academy of Innovation. Centennial High School also will host a Magnet STREAM program.

At each school, the grant will provide significant funding and resources, including additional equipment, personnel, instructional programming, and professional development. Each host site will serve as a magnet for this programming, allowing students from throughout District 60, Charter Schools, and neighboring District 70 the opportunity to apply and “choice” into the program.  

Studies show that STREAM programming encourages creativity, collaboration, and use of social and critical thinking skills, while boosting curiosity and offering opportunities for real-world applications.

The next step will see District leadership work with school leadership and their communities to begin planning and implementing the grant.