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 Superintendent Macaluso smiles as she sets with a small child showing her a worksheet she createdSince her appointment as Superintendent in February 2017, Charlotte Macaluso has continued to receive positive, affirmative evaluations from the D60 Board of Education.

This year’s annual evaluation, which covers her performance from August 2021 through July 2022, continues that trend.

“Superintendent Macaluso has met or exceeded expectations in many areas of district operations,” the evaluation notes. “As a strong education leader, she articulates and continues to promote high expectations for teaching and learning.”

Under her leadership, the District has significantly decreased its dropout rate, from 2.5% (2018) to 1.4% (2021), post-pandemic. For the third consecutive year, the District’s dropout rate is below that of the state’s.

For 2021, the District’s “best of graduation rate” of 91.2% exceeded the state’s mark of 87%. Additionally, the District’s four-year on time graduation rate for minority students is 78.3%.

Superintendent Macaluso also has done notable work in aligning curriculum and instruction with assessments and state requirements. 

District-wide, the following have been implemented: K-12 Science Curriculum; High School Advanced Placement Math and Science Curriculum; Math and Literacy Intervention programming for Math and Literacy; K-5 music curriculum; new CTE courses for Centennial High School; and Edgenuity as the curriculum and Learning Management System for D60 Online.

With the release of preliminary School Performance Ratings, only two schools are in turnaround status and two are in Priority Improvement: a significant decrease from the four schools previously in Turnaround and five in Priority Improvement. 

Cognizant of the detrimental effects of the pandemic, Superintendent Macaluso continues to work to promote a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment by expanding mental health and therapy counseling services at six additional elementary schools and establishing new social worker positions at four middle schools. 

A balanced budget, increased pay for educators, and excellent management of bond funds were cited by the Board as further points of merit. Under her direction, a total of five new schools are being built through the bond proceeds.

Increased and improved media relations, most notably through social media platforms, has promoted a positive image of the District.

“Overall, Superintendent Macaluso continues to provide strong instructional leadership, exhibiting strong written and verbal communication skills, working constructively and cooperatively to solve problems, always keeping a focus on what is best for kids,” the evaluation notes. “She makes effective decisions under pressure and, as a leader, understands the responsibility that comes with decisions. Her organizational skills keep track of the multitude of programs within the district. 

“In closing, the Board of Education commends Superintendent Macaluso for her continued dedication and commitment to Pueblo School District 60. It is with sincere gratitude that we submit this evaluation and applaud Mrs. Macaluso for her robust leadership.”