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Highland Park students standing behind a KIND signThe aptly titled Community Peace Summit drew a diverse and colorful procession of children, scholars and adults to the Pueblo Convention Center for a day of celebration of the District’s efforts in promoting inclusion, compassion and a no-tolerance stance on bullying.
Scholars, educators and administrators from all of our schools joined with community partners and family members in recognizing the fact that in District 60, all children are welcome and given equal opportunity to thrive.
The day began with the introduction of school leaders who spearhead anti-bullying efforts in their respective school.
On the performance stage, vocal and instrumental musicians, and spirit team members, showcased their talents before an attentive audience. In an adjoining room, school representatives offered free pro-peace trinkets like buttons and stickers, sweet treats, and opportunities to color, play games, pose for photographs and learn about the drive to keep compassion and empathy at the forefront.
“Although peace throughout the world may seem like an unattainable goal, remember: peace starts with me and it starts with you,” Andy Burns, Executive Director of Student Support Services, told the attendees. “It is a free gift we all should be willing to impart, and your presence here today tells me you are dedicated to this noble mission.
“Unfortunately, we too often hear only of the negative regarding our young people and the world in general. We must never forget about the overwhelming good that exists in our schools, community and world. The fact that so many have taken the time to be part of this event speaks volumes to that.”