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Corwin's NAL Team takes a group photoThe National Academic League motivates and recognizes academic athletes much like their athletic peers. By successfully combining the important aspects of team sports -- competitiveness, strategy, teamwork and cooperation in a group effort -- with important aspects of learning (problem solving, critical thinking and scholarship), NAL generates the same popular enthusiasm and pride as do sports teams.

With the 2024 season complete, NAL teams from Corwin (national qualifier), Roncalli, Goodnight, Heaton and Pueblo Academy of Arts, and their coaches, were honored Monday during an awards banquet at Corwin.

Both team and individual awards were presented, with Phillip Schulz serving as master of ceremonies.


First Place: Corwin International Magnet School (Coach Paul Ripple)

Second Place: Roncalli STEM Academy (Coach Brian Putnam)

Third Place: Pueblo Academy of Arts (Coach Russ Avina)

THIRD QUARTER TOP PERFORMERS (selected by coaches)

Isabella Martinez, Corwin International Magnet School

Ryland Gallagher, Roncalli STEM Academy

Kinnidy Duran, Pueblo Academy of Arts

Lucas Platt, Heaton Middle School

Avianna Lucero, Goodnight School

SECOND TOP SCORER (first and fourth quarters)

Ben Niemitz, Corwin

Xzontae Morgan, Roncalli

Enzo Cash, PAA

Anabelle Clowser, Heaton

Jonah Johnson, Goodnight

FIRST TOP SCORER (first and fourth quarters)

Connor Knight, Corwin

Zach Bays, Roncalli

Declan Grant, PAA

Gage Snyder, Heaton

Riley Hanks, Goodnight

FRANK ZERVAS AWARD (league’s top scorer)

Connor Knight, Corwin