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Willard Wilton stands next to his science projectWith scholars from Central, South, Corwin and Risley representing the District at the 2024 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair at Colorado State University, several earned awards for their presentations.

In the Middle School category, Corwin International Magnet School was represented by Alexander Knight, Connor Knight, and Benjamin Knight, with Risley International Academy of Innovation represented by Cynthia Stevens.

The team of Kennedy Camacho-Orona and Emma Perry, together with Zechariah Dilley and Alex Nuzzo, represented South; with Willard Wilton and Kenneth Zittel Pueblo Central High representatives.

Kennedy and Emma's project on lung transplant theory research will advance to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in May.

Earning special recognition were Wildcat Kenneth Zittell (Grand Award honorable mention: senior level-engineering for his Arc Drift welding tool) and Colt Zechariah Dilley (Grand Award: honorable mention: senior level, micro and molecular biology for his project The Effects of Potential Antibiotics Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.)

Kenneth also earned a Special Award from ASM International.

Presented with Platte River Power Authority awards were Benjamin Knight (Keeping Cool: What is the Best House Color to Save on Air Conditioning?) and Alex Nuzzo (What Windmill Design Works Best?),with Cynthia Stevens (Mouthwash vs. Bacteria) receiving a Pioneers of Science Award.

From South, science teacher Allison Hellman was nominated for Colorado Science and Engineering Teacher of the Year. As a finalist, she received the Doug Steward Memorial Award.