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Matt Center of KKTV presents to Corwin International Magnet School studentsFor the scholars of Corwin International Magnet School, the final day of the school year was an enlightening one, as the Futures Fair offered insight into the careers -- journalism, health care and cosmetology -- most popular among the student body.
Working professionals in those fields and others visited with the scholars to discuss their respective profession and describe the education/credentials necessary to attain employment therein.
This year’s presenters included representatives of Pueblo Fire and Rescue, AMR, Parkview, Health Solutions and the D60 Communications Team, and Michelle Dominguez: Touch of Class Beauty Salon with Zams Customz; Tina Duran: Zen Day Spa, Breanna Bravo: Bravo Company, and attorney Elizabeth Sexton Drake.
The scholars learned from Michelle Dominguez that cosmetology study may begin at age of 15.
While cutting hair is the focus of the instruction, “there’s a lot of chemistry involved as well,” Michele noted, adding that sanitation and hygiene also are part of the instruction.
Michelle was assisted in her presentation by photographer Mitchell Garcia and his work in beauty and portrait photography.
Matt Centner, Digital/Local Sales Manager at KKTV 11 News, described the lengthy process of creating a television ad, encompassing writing copy, shooting, staging, voice over and editing.
“Hours and hours go into a 30-second shot,” Matt noted.
Attorney Elizabeth Sexton Drake addressed the various types of law and cases. Scholars learned about the educational requirements, as well as passage of a bar exam and professional responsibility exam, that must be fulfilled for a law license to be issued.
From the field of mental health counseling, licensed professional counselors Katie Long and Niki Arriaga spoke on the importance of mindfulness, and the benefits of focusing on one task/issue at a time.
A longtime news reporter and features writer, now part of the D60 Communication Team, Jon Pompia spoke on the importance of having a strong vocabulary, the need to constantly read, and the reality that no matter what collegiate field of study and career a person will choose, robust writing skills are essential.