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Chuck Moore Although we are grateful for the work of our educators day in and day out, during the month of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Month, we offer a salute to educators who are making an impact in our District and in turn, the world.
Chuck Moore is an 8th Grade Science Teacher at Corwin International Magnet School. He has been teaching for a quarter of a century.
"Mr. Moore has a delivery style that is unmatched," a colleague said. "His focus is on pushing students to think for themselves and explaining, both verbally and in writing, their learning.
"He cares deeply for his students and is always focused on the positive. Students and families alike speak highly of Mr. Moore and the experiences they have in the classroom, knowing that he is invested in their growth and achievement.
"Mr. Moore is a true leader and a highly effective member of the CIMS community -- and it shows every day."
Thank you, Mr. Moore, for all you do in leading our children to brighter and more successful futures.