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Middle School In-Person Students to Attend 4 Days A Week; High School In-Person Students to Continue on Hybrid Schedule

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With a relaxation of social distancing guidelines by state and national health officials, Pueblo School District 60 Middle School in-person students will transition from the hybrid model to attending 4 days a week in person beginning Monday, April 19.

“We are very excited to share that the relaxed social distancing guidelines will allow us to bring back more students for in-person instruction,” said D60 Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Morey. “This means that all Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday middle school hybrid students will be expected to attend school 4 days a week. 

“This will require some creative re-scheduling of classes, lunches and spaces, but I am happy to share that our middle school principals felt that it was possible for in-person students to now attend 4 days a week.”

At the elementary level, all in-person learners already attend school 4 days a week. Elementary school leaders have been reaching out to parents of online students in order to maximize the number of students that can return to in-person instruction. This will be accommodated on a case-by-case, first-come, first-serve basis.

At the high school level, the current Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday hybrid schedule will continue. 

“Our high school principals recently discussed the possibility of bringing back in-person students 4 days a week,” Assistant Superintendent Morey said. “And as much as they would have liked to accommodate this, our principals unanimously agreed that they did not feel this would be possible due to scheduling challenges and large class sizes that would not allow for the consistent accommodation of a 3-foot distance in all classrooms and the recommended 6-feet in all high-aerosol classrooms and lunchrooms when masks are taken off.”

 Our high school special education case managers are continuing to reach out to families on a case-by-case basis to come up with creative ways to serve as many students on IEPs in person as possible.  Earlier in the semester, our high schools also transitioned a number of online students back to in-person instruction by request, when they could do so without negatively impacting course credit. 

On another positive note, the district recently approved a detailed safety plan that will allow each high school to rehearse for, and then present, one vocal music and one instrumental music performance later this spring.