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Carmela LaVigna Coyle and Jessica Driscoll hold up a book titled Something SpectacularCarmela LaVigna Coyle is a Denver-based award-winning author of more than 15 picture and board books, including the popular “Do Princesses” series that has garnered rave reviews from readers of all ages.
Although her first career choice was education, Carmela transitioned into the writing field, refusing to let dyslexia stand in the way of bringing positive and uplifting messages through her books.
At the invitation of Morton educator Jessica Driscoll, Carmela recently visited with fifth graders to read her books, explain the writing process and field questions from the inquisitive Bullpups.
“Writing is kind of like a bug that bites you,” Carmela said. “And I wanted to focus on children’s books because there is so much power behind them. There’s the opportunity to bring so much light, empowerment and self-esteem.”
The fifth graders who listened to Carmela’s reading and presentation came away with a vital message.
“I wanted to stress to them that they can be writers," Carmela said. "They can be good readers. I let them know that I was able to overcome dyslexia: the words that used to be my enemy now provide my livelihood.
“Words were really spooky, because they were changed around.”
Through the assistance of special education teachers, Carmela conquered dyslexia and thereby set in motion her future.
In addition to asking questions of Carmela, the Bullpups were eager to offer insight into their own lives, which the author found interesting and endearing.
“I really wanted an author to come and talk to the kids because we do writing, and I thought it would be inspiring,” said educator Jessica Driscoll. “I want them to know that writing is important and that one day, they can be authors too.
“At this age, kids can get distracted sometimes so it’s important to help them focus on the importance of school. And Carmela’s visit was very inspirational in that regard.”
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