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Tommy Farrell and Dr. Roman open boxes with a young student looking onUnder the direction of educator Kontrina Ferguson, the Robotics Program at Morton Elementary School is always moving forward.
In addition to coding, the Bullpups who take part in the program are improving their reading, writing and math skills in the definition of problems and designing of solutions.
The centerpiece of the program are Legos Robotics kits, with the scholars making due with seven older kits.
But thanks to the D60 Education Foundation, the Morton Robotics Program now has four new state-of-the-art Legos kits, which will serve the program well into the future.
“The kids use the kits to build things, using simulations to learn,” said Mrs. Ferguson.
The program participants are required to maintain a three-column journal to document and reflect on their work.
“As they complete each lesson, they present their design and reflection to their teacher and/or peers,” Mrs. Ferguson said.
The D60 Education Foundation’s mission centers around enriching and improving the overall quality of life in our community through investments in educational programs. The Foundation annually awards grants to those teachers whose projects and/or educational concepts best reflect this.
This funding cycle, the Foundation received grant applications from 20 educators, selecting 10 for funding.
“It’s all about enhancing learning opportunities for the kids,” said Dr. Henry Roman. “We want to go above and beyond what is funded by the District, and these grants allow the teachers to dream and imagine.”
With the start of the 2023-34 school year, the grant application process will begin anew.