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D60 Board of Education pose for a photo in their board roomThe role of a school board director, which comes with no compensation, is one that requires time, dedication, patience, compassion and commitment.
To honor those who serve on school boards, Governor Jared Polis has proclaimed January as School Board Recognition Month.
During Tuesday’s regular meeting of the D60 Board of Education, that proclamation was read by D60 Director of Communication Dalton Sprouse.
“School board members are extraordinary people who invest many hours of volunteer work to tackle the enormous job of governing our school districts and whose actions and decisions help impact the present and future lives of young Coloradans,” the proclamation notes. “And the dedication of school board members across our state should be recognized and commended.”
Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso then expressed her personal gratitude for service of the board: President Tommy Farrell, Vice President Dr. Kathy DeNiro, and board members Barb Clementi, Sol Sandoval and Anthony Perko.
“I would like to express my appreciation to our board members. In my opinion, there is no greater service you can engage in than to help shape the educational system and positively impact the life trajectory of our scholars,” Superintendent Macaluso said. “And you do it voluntarily, and with such knowledge and grace. And I want you to know that you are valued and appreciated, and I hope that you feel honored.”
As a token of appreciation, each board member received a small gift from the Superintendent.