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Cyberbullying artwork posterAs October is designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the District hosted its first Cybersecurity Awareness Month Poster and Video Contest.
Open to scholars at all grade levels, the competition was designed to promote the safe and secure use of the internet while encouraging students to make better decisions when posting pictures, videos, and personal information online.
There were hundreds of entries in the three formats: paper posters, digital posters and videos.
The participating schools included Bradford, Sunset Park, Franklin, Goodnight (elementary and middle), Highland Park, Heaton, Risley, Corwin, PAA, South, and East.
Students submitted projects on topics ranging from online safety and good online security practices to cyberbullying and how to be a good digital citizen.
1st Place: Samuel Masciotra, Corwin International Magnet School, with guest appearance by Abigail Masciotra, Fountain International Magnet School
Elementary: K-2
1) Gracie Seidel, Goodnight School
2) Emiliana Norman, Goodnight School
3) June Styduhar, Goodnight School
Honorable Mention: Demi Porterfield, Goodnight School
Elementary: 3-5
1) Delanie Davila, Goodnight School
2) Leo Price, Goodnight School
3) Tula Styduhar, Goodnight School
Honorable Mention Talon Cordova, Goodnight School
Middle School
1) Kadynce Welsh, Goodnight School
High School
1) Hannah “Stevie” Lucero, South
2) Rebekah Underwood, South
3) Harper Olmstead, South
1) Lilliana Moritz-Archuleta, Highland Park Elementary
2) Cambie Germ, Sunset Park Elementary
3) William Mazanec, Sunset Park Elementary, project
Honorable Mention Jocelyn Gonzales, Bradford Elementary
Middle School
Jazmine Miller, Pueblo Academy of Arts
Sakina Dlila, Heaton Middle School
Sydney Prose, Pueblo Academy of Arts
Honorable Mention: Elijah Gruca, Heaton Middle School
Logan Leonard, Heaton Middle School
Emma Sanchez, Pueblo Academy of Arts
High School
1) Emilio Montoya, East High School
2) Malachi Medina, East High School
3) Elijah J. Romero, East High School
To see all the work of this year’s winners at...