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Representatives hand an oversized check to Dr. Roman and Dalton Sprouse of the D60 Education FoundationThe mission and purpose of the Pueblo School District 60 Education Foundation, Inc. is to seek financial support for the enrichment and improvement of the overall quality of life in our community through Teacher Grants to support programs that will assist children to achieve their full potential.

US Solar is similarly committed to improving the quality of life in Pueblo. 

The company recently announced groundbreaking of USS Giveback, its first Community Solar Gardens with Black Hills Energy. With enough capacity to power more than 600 Colorado homes annually, the Solar Gardens will serve businesses, residents, municipalities and low to moderate income service organizations in the greater Colorado area. 

As part of its commitment to Black Hills Energy and the community, US Solar donated a total of $100,000 to 10 local nonprofits and community organizations, including the D60 Education Foundation.

“We call these projects USS Giveback because that is our goal. We are committed to giving back to the communities that host our Solar Gardens by providing widespread benefits, like these donations, savings on energy bills, and bringing more clean energy online to the local grid,” said Reed Richerson, COO of US Solar.

US Solar has pledged to continue its support of the Foundation.

An additional $50 donation will be triggered when an eligible Pueblo resident completes a sign up to a Community Solar Garden. This “Sunscription” offer will guarantee a 5% savings on the resident’s bill credit rate on top of the $50 donation.

This offer will expire on August 1. To learn more, click on this link:

An integral aspect of the D60 Foundation’s work is the awarding of grants to teachers in hopes of encouraging the innovative professional development not ordinarily supported through regular funding sources.

Through an application process, grants are awarded to those teachers whose projects and/or educational concepts best facilitate achievement of the District 60 mission and its goals, and best encourage student excellence and achievement. 

The US Solar donation was accepted by Dr. Henry Roman, chair of the D60 Education Foundation, and Director of Communications Dalton Sprouse, who serves on the Foundation.

“We are very grateful for the generosity of US Solar in supporting our mission of providing financial incentives to District 60 teachers with innovative and groundbreaking approaches to educating our children,” said Dr. Roman. “These funds will ultimately lead to a better classroom experience for all.”