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Leslie Ortega Although we are grateful for the work of our educators day in and day out, during the month of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Month, we offer a salute to educators who are making an impact in our District and in turn, the world.
Leslie Ortega teachers fourth grade Math at Minnequa Elementary School.
Said a colleague, “Not only is Leslie instrumental at her lesson delivery, she has the ability to bring out the best in every scholar because of the strong relationships she has created with them. She creates unbreakable relationships which allow for honest communication. She has laid the groundwork for scholars to trust her: knowing that she will always be there for them.
“Leslie creates a classroom culture full of high expectations and love. She has created scholars who are independent thinkers through her feedback, instruction and belief.
“As for parents, Leslie communicates endlessly with them, and parents can see how great Leslie is by the way she interacts with their scholar and how that scholar speaks about her. She is one special teacher who is proud to work at Minnequa. She understands the challenges that some of our scholars have so she doesn’t hesitate to help advocate for them and create community connects to ensure their safety and success.”
Thank you, Leslie, for your dedication to our scholars and their growth.