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Internet Options for Families

Internet Options for Families

  • Comcast / Xfinity - Comcast offers their Internet Essentials Plan for $9.95 a month which includes Access to their WiFi hotspots throughout town. No credit check and no contract. Visit to apply.

  • Comcast has published a map of “hotspots” (Comcast account MAY BE REQUIRED to use) where students and families can attach to available Wifi. There are many locations around Pueblo that may be easy for students to connect to. Check the following website and search by zip code to locate locations near you.

  • Secom (local company) was offering Special Discounted Pricing on services such as Wireless and Fiber for 90 days. Families would need to reach out to see if they are in the service area and what special pricing still applies by visiting visit, or via email, or call 719.383.1349.

  • CenturyLink - CenturyLink provides Internet but does not have any current specials that we are aware of. To inquire further, visit:

  • Cellphone Carrier - We recommend families reach out to their cell phone provider to see what options exist to enable HotSpot service on their plans.