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Shauna CarpenterAlthough we are grateful for the work of our educators day in and day out, during the month of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Month, we offer a salute to educators who are making an impact in our District and in turn, the world.
Shauna Carpenter is an English Language Learners and Gifted/Talented educator at Irving Elementary and Franklin School of Innovation.
“Shauna is a life-long learner and continues to attend training to enhance her teaching skills,” noted Irving Assistant Principal Christina Honeywell. “The trainings she attends allow her to identify students that are twice exceptional and under-represented. In fact, since Shauna has been at Irving, she has qualified seven times more students than were initially qualified: a percentage that is one of the highest in the District for elementary schools.
“She knows and understands that students can display their gifted abilities in a variety of ways, and seeks to help students, teachers, and families understand their gifts and capabilities.”
Added Principal Jaime Schwab, “Shauna has provided numerous opportunities for students to grow and participate in learning opportunities. She takes on both roles with pride and enthusiasm. She is an exemplary teacher committed to identifying student strengths and building a world of possibilities with that knowledge.”
Thank you, Shauna, for the difference you continue to make in our children’s lives.