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A student wearing a blue hoodie and colorful glassess dances to the Centennial Band at IrvingIn 2022, an exemplary showing on the annual CMAS tests propelled Irving Elementary School from the bottom tier of the state performance framework into Performance status.
With CMAS testing to take place throughout the District next week, Irving Principal Jayme Schwab invited the Big ‘Dogs from Centennial to inspire the Bullpups to once again excel on the tests in order to keep Irving at the top.
Uplifting performances from the cheer and dance teams, the color guard and marching band – together with a pep talk from Irving educator Chris Nelson – put the Bullpups in the right frame of mind for high achievement.
“We are here to celebrate your excellence, your hard work, your effort,” Chris told the Bullpups assembled in the school playground.
“We took the tests, battled the best we could and became something unique, we became something special: we achieved our goal of becoming a Performance School.
“But once you reach the top, you’re not done. We have to keep growing and changing. So we’re are out here today to get you excited, get you pumped up. Because next week, we are going to show the State of Colorado who is a Performance School. We are going to show the State of Colorado who is excellent in math, in reading, in writing.”