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Reflecting a continuing sense of value for our teachers, Pueblo School District 60 is excited to announce that through a highly collaborative process, a tentative two-year agreement with the Pueblo Education Association has been reached. 

For the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, the District’s base salary will increase to $48,600, and the top teacher salary will be $105,131. This is an increase of 8 percent to the base salary. In addition, a service year experience step of 2.2% percent will be given to all eligible educators. 

Additionally, the District’s educational lane movement will be compensated at $1,427, and the salary schedule for our higher education lanes will be extended by two lanes.  The District will contribute an additional $75 towards a teacher’s monthly insurance premium, bringing the total insurance contribution to $675 per month.  

For the 2025-2026 school year, the base salary will increase to $50,500, with the top teacher salary increasing to $107,813.  This will result in an increase of 3.9 percent to the base salary. In addition, eligible educators will again receive a 2.2 percent service year experience step. The educational lane movement will again be compensated at $1,427. There will be an additional insurance contribution of $75, bringing the total monthly contribution for teachers to $750. 

The total compensation for the two year agreement reflects up to a 15.4 percent increase in salary and 25 percent increase in benefits. 

“We are pleased that this compensation package will position us to be competitive with other school districts in our area, and will allow us to attract and retain high quality educators. We value and respect our teachers for the important work they do each and every day to support our students.” said Eric DeCesaro, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.