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Superintendent Macaluso stands with the winner of the writing awardsEvery year, scholars at all three grade levels are encouraged to demonstrate their literary talents in this showcase, started by the late Edmund Vallejo, an educator and Superintendent who knew the value of being a strong writer.

The 2024 ceremony was held at Centennial Tuesday, with Director of Curriculum and Instructional Programming Krystal Rasmussen serving as emcee, and Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso handing out the awards.


Grade 3

1) Suniva Jacobs, Belmont “What to do?”

2) Owyn Reese, Fountain “Untitled”

3) Cali Rose Wodiuk, Heritage “Crazy Time Travel”

Grade 5

1) Ainoha Quevedo, Belmont “How Did I Come to the United States?”

2) Davian Solis, Sunset Park “The Treasure Finding Field Trip”

3) Jordan Anthony Carlos Jaramillo, Morton “The Creepy Mansion”

Grade 7

1) Abraham Villafana, Risley “Fides Est Mendacium”

2) Lexi Stotts, Heaton “The Start of An Adventure”

3) Renesmee Horn, Corwin “Summer of 1874”

Grade 9

1) Madelynn Gonzales, Centennial “Fading Away”

2) Naraya Vialpando, Centennial “Scars Can Last Forever”

3) Neveah Galich, East “You”

Grade 11

1) Makayla Maria Vigil, East “Protective Peace”

2) David Ray Standiford, South “Human”

3) Breanna Marie Davis, Centennial “Magic and Technology Intertwine”


Grade 3

1) Elle Arguello, Fountain “Untitled”

2) Gabriella Kaber, South Park “Untitled”

3) Laela Gutierrez, Morton “Dinosaur: Stegosaurus”

Grade 5

1) Lane Davis, Haaff “The Engaging Ecosystems of Pueblo Mountain Park”

2) Alieanna Varela-Broska, Franklin “Sacagewea: The Native American Woman Hero”

3) Danica Miller, Baca “Untitled”

Grade 7

1) Alora Alcott, Goodnight “What were the Primary Reasons for the Fall of Rome?”

2) Camden McCarthy, Corwin “’The Outsiders’ Summative Assessment

3) Lyahna Koonce, Heaton “Kassima”

Grade 9

1) Camila Rivera Garcia, Dutch Clark Digital at Paragon “U.S. Air Force Academy: How has it Inspired Generations?”

2) Ronaiya Moore, South “Untitled”

3) Harper Gallagher, Central “’Of Mice and Men’ Real World Essay”

Grade 11

1) Tyler Thielemier, Central “Social Media and the Mental Health of Older Generations”

2) Lynn Musso, South “Letter from a Birmingham Jail: Analyzing a Powerful Call for Justice”

3) Jayla Hall, Central “’Julius Ceasar’ Reader’s Response”