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An eye doctor giving an exam to a young student wearing a Bradford shirtThanks to the generosity of the Colorado Springs-based Eye Love Care, more than 200 pairs of glasses have been provided to District 60 scholars.

In addition to two storefronts, Eye Love Care operates a Mobile Optometry Unit, through which those in underserved areas of the state can receive eye exams and if needed, eyeglasses. For those unable to pay, the services are provided at no cost.

And through Eye Love Care’s "No Vision Left Behind" program, doctors and staff members visit Title 1 schools throughout the state to provide eye exams and glasses to children, many of whom have never visited an optometrist.

“The program has grown from one school in District 2 to the whole Front Range,” said Keegan Meyer, president of Eye Love Care.

“We have served over 50 schools, which includes over 5,000 kids and 2,000 pairs of glasses. Eye Love Care covers all cost for any uninsured child and is bringing on several non-profit partners to help in the mission to provide eye health to kids all across the state of Colorado.

”This spring, the Eye Love Care has provided eye exams to more than 900 District 60 elementary school students and issued in excess of 200 pairs of glasses. This week, the children of Bradford Elementary benefitted from the company’s altruism.

In District 60 alone, the estimated value of the services provided is $15,000.

“If a kid breaks or loses their glasses, all they have to do is let the school know and we will make another pair and bring them right back to school, where we fit them,” said President Meyer.

“If the student’s insurance doesn't cover glasses, or they are uninsured, we cover the cost 100 percent, so the parents or the school don't have to. We provide up to two no-cost pairs of glasses per student every school year.“And the same goes for the exam. If the child is uninsured, we cover the exam as well.”

President Meyer said the service to Title 1 schools will resume in the fall.