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Six D60 staff members wave to the crowd on the scoreboard screen at a Rockies gamePrior to the first pitch of Sunday’s Colorado vs. Tampa Bay matchup at Coors Field, Pueblo School District 60 and its scholars were lauded by the Rockies organization and the gallery in attendance.

On the occasion of Pueblo School District 60 Appreciation Day, the partnership between the Rockies and the District and its Education Foundation, was lauded by the public address announcer.

“This afternoon, the Rockies would like to welcome the staff, family, and friends of the Pueblo School District 60’s Education Foundation,” the announcer offered. “The Education Foundation works to support the enrichment of Pueblo District 60 Schools by supporting teachers and helping them with improvements in their classrooms.

“Pueblo School District 60 is the largest district in Southern Colorado and serves more than 15,000 students. The Pueblo School District 60 Education Foundation is proudly represented today in the stands.

On the field, more than 100 scholars from Minnequa, Sunset Park and Fountain had the honor of singing the national anthem, with support from Minnequa Principal Katie Harshman and her family; Alicia Raebel, a paraprofessional at Sunset Park; and from Fountain, Cindy Gradishar, a third-grade teacher, and music teacher Robin King.

“We thank all of the guests of Pueblo School District 60 for their support today. Thanks for joining us at Coors Field,” the announcer concluded.

A portion of the day's ticket sales will benefit the D60 Education Foundation.