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Ryann WashburnAlthough we are grateful for the work of our educators day in and day out, during the month of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Month, we offer a salute to educators who are making an impact in our District and in turn, the world.
Ryann Washburn teaches fourth grade at Highland Park Elementary.
“As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Ryann for the past five years, I see her as an exceptionally dedicated and skilled teacher who represents the highest level of professionalism,” said a consultant colleague. “I am consistently impressed by Ryann’s willingness to try new methods to engage her students and inspire them to take ownership of their learning. Through problem-based, conceptual teaching, she allows them to engage in critical thinking while guiding them with questions.”
Ryann is renowned for creating a “nurturing environment, taking the time to connect with each and every one of her students,” noted a Highland Park colleague. “She greets every student, every morning, with a smile and a greeting of their choice. Her students know that she cares about them: she facilitates a morning meeting with her students to create and foster relationships.
“She always has a positive attitude and spreads positivity through the building by leaving little notes of encouragement for her colleagues. She believes in the work she and her colleagues do at Highland Park as her own two children attend the school.”
Thanks, Ryann, for making a difference day in and day out for both scholars and colleagues.